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                制造商(EXAR CORPORATION)

                EXAR CORPORATION

                Founded in 1971, Exar Corporation designs, develops and markets high performance integrated circuits and system solutions for the industrial and embedded systems communications, high end consumer and infrastructure markets. Exar's broad product portfolio includes power management, sensing and signal conditioning, interface, display, LED lighting and video processing solutions.



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   USB Interface IC
                描述分类:   USB Interface IC 1-Ch 12Mbps 48MHz Internal clock; UART
                数据:   下载

                Automotive Qualification Standard::   -
                No. of Pins::   16Pins
                Interface Case Style::   QFN
                Data Rate::   12Mbps
                Supply Voltage Min::   2.97V
                Product Range::   -
                Supply Voltage Max::   3.63V
                MSL::   MSL 1 - Unlimited
                No. of Channels::   1 Channel
                Operating Temperature Max::   85°C
                Operating Temperature Min::   -40°C
                Packaging::   Each



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   集成电路(IC)
                描述分类:   Circuitos integrados de interface para telecomunica??es
                数据:   下载

                类别:   集成电路(IC)
                家庭:   接口 - 电信
                系列:   -
                包装:   托盘
                功能:   *
                接口:   LIU
                电路数:   1
                电压-电源:   4.75 V ~ 5.25 V
                电流-电源:   180mA
                功率(W):   *
                工作温度:   -40°C ~ 85°C
                安装类型:   表面贴装
                封装/外壳:   44-LQFP
                供⌒ 应商器件封装:   44-TQFP(10x10)
                包括:   *



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   Supervisory Circuits
                描述分类:   Supervisory Circuits LOW PWR MICROPRCESSR CIRCUITS
                数据:   下载

                ProductCategory:   SupervisoryCircuits
                Manufacturer:   Exar
                Type:   VoltageSupervisory
                MountingStyle:   SMD/SMT
                Package/Case:   SOIC-8Narrow
                ThresholdVoltage:   4.65V
                NumberofInputsMonitored:   1Input
                OutputType:   ActiveHigh
                ManualReset:   ManualReset
                BatteryBackupSwitching:   NoBackup
                SupplyVoltage-Max:   5V
                MaximumOperatingTemperature:   +85C
                Series:   SP813L
                Packaging:   Tube
                Brand:   Exar
                Height:   1.5mm
                Length:   5mm
                MinimumOperatingTemperature:   -40C
                OperatingSupplyCurrent:   40uA
                OvervoltageThreshold:   4.75V
                Pd-PowerDissipation:   471mW
                PowerFailDetection:   Yes
                ResetDelayTime:   200ms
                FactoryPackQuantity:   98
                SupplyVoltage-Min:   1.1V
                Tradename:   Sipex
                UndervoltageThreshold:   4.5V
                WatchdogTimers:   Watchdog
                Width:   3.99mm
                UnitWeight:   0.005044oz



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   LDO-spanningregelaars
                描述分类:   LDO-spanningregelaars Micropower 200mA CMOS LDO Regulators
                数据:   下载

                EU RoHS:   Compliant
                Type:   LDO
                Number of Outputs:   1
                Output Type:   Fixed
                Output Voltage (V):   3.3
                Polarity:   Positive
                Maximum Output Current (A):   0.2
                Minimum Input Voltage (V):   2.5
                Maximum Input Voltage (V):   6
                Typical Dropout Voltage @ Current (V):   0.0002@100uA|0.07@50mA|0.16@100mA|0.32@200mA
                Maximum Dropout Voltage @ Current (V):   0.004@100uA|0.12@50mA|0.25@100mA|0.4@200mA
                Accuracy (%):   ±2
                Line Regulation:   0.2%/V
                Load Regulation:   0.5%
                Maximum Quiescent Current (mA):   0.04
                Special Features:   Current Limit|Shutdown|Thermal Protection
                Minimum Operating Temperature (°C):   -40
                Maximum Operating Temperature (°C):   125
                Packaging:   Tape and Reel
                Mounting:   Surface Mount
                Package Height (mm):   1.15
                Package Length (mm):   2.9
                Package Width (mm):   1.6
                PCB changed:   5
                Standard Package Name:   SOT-23
                Supplier Package:   SOT-23
                Pin Count:   5
                Lead Shape:   Gull-wing



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   Reguladores de tens?o de LDO
                描述分类:   Reguladores de tens?o de LDO 150mA LOW NOISE LDO
                数据:   下载

                调节♂器类型:   低跌落电压〗
                最大输出电流:   150mA
                输出数目:   1
                线路调节:   0.1 %/V
                负荷调节:   0.2 %
                精确度:   ±1%
                极性:   正极
                安装类型:   表面贴装
                静态电流:   0.07mA
                封装类型:   SOT-23
                引脚数目:   5
                输出类型:   固定
                尺寸:   2.9 x 1.6 x 1.15mm
                高度:   1.15mm
                长度:   2.9mm
                最大输入电压:   16 V
                最高工作温度:   +125 °C
                最低工作温度:   -40°C
                最小输入电压:   2.5 V
                宽度:   1.6mm



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   LDO-spanningregelaars
                描述分类:   LDO-spanningregelaars 2.8V-16V 3000mA
                数据:   下载

                Productcategorie:   LDO-spanningregelaars
                Fabrikant:   Exar
                Montagetype:   SMD/SMT
                Verpakking/doos:   TO-263-5
                Uitgangspanning:   1.25Vto16V
                Uitgangsstroom:   3A
                Aantaluitgangen:   1Output
                Polariteit:   Positive
                Ruststroom:   35mA
                IngangsspanningMAX.:   16V
                Uitgangstype:   Adjustable,Fixed
                Minimalebedrijfstemperatuur:   -40C
                Maximalebedrijfstemperatuur:   +125C
                Belastingsregeling:   1%
                Reeks:   SPX29302
                Uitvalspanning:   0.05Vat100mA
                Verpakken:   Tube
                Merk:   Exar
                Uitvalsspanning-max:   175mVat100mA
                Hoogte:   4.83mm(Max)
                Ib-Ingangsinstelstroom:   10mA
                Lengte:   10.67mm(Max)
                Stabilisatiebijnetspanningsvariaties:   0.5%
                Vochtgevoelig:   Yes
                Referentiespanning:   1.228V
                Verpakkingshoeveelheidaffabriek:   50
                Handelsnaam:   SIPEX
                Nauwkeurigheidspanningsregeling:   1%
                Breedte:   9.65mm(Max)
                Gewichtperstuk:   1,600g



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   Reguladores de tens?o de LDO
                描述分类:   Reguladores de tens?o de LDO 800mALOW DROPOUT
                数据:   下载

                EU RoHS:   Compliant
                Type:   LDO
                Number of Outputs:   1
                Output Type:   Fixed
                Output Voltage (V):   3.3
                Polarity:   Positive
                Maximum Output Current (A):   0.8
                Minimum Input Voltage (V):   2.6
                Maximum Input Voltage (V):   15
                Typical Dropout Voltage @ Current (V):   1@100mA|1.05@500mA|1.1@800mA
                Maximum Dropout Voltage @ Current (V):   1.2@100mA|1.25@500mA|1.3@800mA
                Accuracy (%):   ±1
                Line Regulation:   0.1%
                Load Regulation:   0.2%
                Maximum Quiescent Current (mA):   10
                Special Features:   Current Limit|Thermal Protection
                Minimum Operating Temperature (°C):   -40
                Maximum Operating Temperature (°C):   125
                Packaging:   Tape and Reel
                Mounting:   Surface Mount
                Package Height (mm):   1.6
                Package Length (mm):   6.5
                Package Width (mm):   3.5
                PCB changed:   3
                Tab:   Tab
                Standard Package Name:   SOT-223
                Supplier Package:   SOT-223
                Pin Count:   4
                Lead Shape:   Gull-wing



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   RS-232 Interface IC
                描述分类:   RS-232 Interface IC RS232 2Tx/2Rx temp 0C to 70C
                数据:   下载

                ProductCategory:   RS-232InterfaceIC
                Manufacturer:   Exar
                MountingStyle:   SMD/SMT
                Package/Case:   SOIC-16Narrow
                Series:   SP202E
                Function:   Transceiver
                DataRate:   120kb/s
                NumberofDrivers:   2Driver
                NumberofReceivers:   2Receiver
                SupplyVoltage-Max:   5.5V
                OperatingSupplyVoltage:   5V
                SupplyVoltage-Min:   4.5V
                OperatingSupplyCurrent:   5mA
                MinimumOperatingTemperature:   0C
                MaximumOperatingTemperature:   +70C
                Packaging:   Tube
                Brand:   Exar
                Height:   1.65mm(Max)
                Length:   9.9mm
                MoistureSensitive:   Yes
                Product:   RS-232Transceivers
                PropagationDelayTime:   3us,1us
                Shutdown:   WithoutShutdown
                FactoryPackQuantity:   49
                SupplyType:   SingleSupply
                Tradename:   Sipex
                Width:   3.9mm
                UnitWeight:   0.019312oz



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   Interfaz IC RS-232
                描述分类:   Interfaz IC RS-232 RS232 no externl cap temp 0C to 70C
                数据:   下载

                Categoríadeproducto:   InterfazICRS-232
                Fabricante:   Exar
                Estilodemontaje:   SMD/SMT
                Paquete/Cubierta:   SOIC-20Wide
                Serie:   SP233A
                Función:   Transceiver
                Velocidaddetransmisióndedatos:   120kb/s
                Númerodecontroladores:   2Driver
                Númerodereceptores:   2Receiver
                Voltajedealimentación-Máx.:   5.5V
                Voltajedealimentaciónoperativo:   5V
                Voltajedealimentación-Mín.:   4.5V
                Corrientedesuministrooperativa:   15mA
                Temperaturadetrabajomínima:   0C
                Temperaturadetrabajomáxima:   +70C
                Empaquetado:   Tube
                Marca:   Exar
                Altura:   2.55mm(Max)
                Longitud:   12.8mm
                Sensiblesalahumedad:   Yes
                Producto:   RS-232Transceivers
                Tiempoderetardodepropagación:   3us,1us
                Apagado:   WithoutShutdown
                Cantidaddeempaquedefábrica:   37
                Tipodesuministro:   SingleSupply
                Nombrecomercial:   Sipex
                Ancho:   7.5mm
                Pesodelaunidad:   0.028254oz



                制造商:   EXAR CORPORATION
                分类:   RS-485 Interface IC
                描述分类:   RS-485 Interface IC Low Pwr Half-Duplex RS-485
                数据:   下载

                EU RoHS:   Compliant
                Number of Transmitters:   1
                Number of Transceivers:   1
                Data Rate:   10Mbps(Min)
                Number of Receivers:   1
                Data Transmission Topology:   Multidrop|Multipoint
                Transmitter Signal Type:   Differential
                Receiver Signal Type:   Differential
                Function:   Line Transceiver
                Minimum Operating Temperature (°C):   -40
                Maximum Operating Temperature (°C):   85
                Power Supply Type:   Single
                Typical Single Supply Voltage (V):   5
                Minimum Single Supply Voltage (V):   4.75
                Maximum Single Supply Voltage (V):   5.25
                Maximum Supply Current (mA):   0.9(Typ)
                Packaging:   Tape and Reel
                Temperature Grade:   Industrial
                Mounting:   Surface Mount
                Package Height (mm):   1.65(Max)
                Package Length (mm):   4.9
                Package Width (mm):   3.9
                PCB changed:   8
                Standard Package Name:   SOP
                Supplier Package:   SOIC N
                Pin Count:   8
                Lead Shape:   Gull-wing

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